Our 168-bed facility is located on Millwood Road mid-way between Yonge Street and Mount Pleasant Road. It is one block east of the Yonge subway line Davisville stop and the cross-town bus stops in front of the facility on Davisville Avenue.



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The Isabel and Arthur Meighen Manor has four floors in an “H” configuration that creates two courtyards, each facing one of the two streets (Millwood and Davisville).
The first floor consists of the administrative and support services. The second floor provides secure accommodations for residents with significant cognitive impairment. Residents on this floor have access to the secure outdoor garden.  The third and fourth floors provide accommodation for residents who have access to outdoor balconies on each floor. 

North Courtyard
North Courtyard

South Courtyard
South Courtyard

A typical resident floor consists of two 28 resident home areas paired around common floor area functions.  Each resident home area is divided into two 14 resident wings joined at the common areas of living, dining and activity space.

Each of these 28 resident home areas is conceptualized as a home like setting with an emphasis on routine daily activities typical in any person’s home in the community.  Each home area will display its own characteristics – a reflection of the people who live and work in the house.

Facility Layout

Our facility features:

  • Resident dining room on each Resident Home Area
  • Therapy rooms for professional services
  • Secure balconies
  • Garden, and patio space
  • Therapeutic  tubs and showers in each home area,
  • Activity rooms and lounge space in each home area,
  • A large central community room/chapel suitable for community and social gatherings
  • Two public elevators, one service elevator
  • Security system (alarm, keypad, magnetic locks)
  • Public washrooms on each floor

Personal storage is available upon request. Please note that personal storage is reserved for memorabilia items only; furniture is not accepted

Although the facility is owned and managed by The Salvation Army, people of all faiths and practices are welcomed.  In keeping with the philosophy of the Salvation Army, the facility is a non-smoking and non-alcohol facility.