The Meighen Retirement Residence is located in a pleasant residential neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto and is a short walk from shopping, churches, parks and the subway. The TTC bus stops at our front door.


Throughout the early 1960´s, The Salvation Army in Canada struggled with how it should care for its retired officers (clergy). Mrs. Commissioner Wycliff Booth – whose husband was the grandson of Salvation Army founders William and Catherine Booth – felt strongly that it should provide a place for them to live, as she had seen take place in other countries. The Army studied the situation at length, and decided to redevelop the site of its former College for Officer Training on Davisville Avenue to create a residence for its retired officers. The cornerstone for the Retired Officers´ Residence was laid in 1964 and the facility was officially opened in January 1965. It provided accommodation for 60 retired officers.

In 1985, because spaces were in increasing demand, the Residence was expanded. It took over neighbouring space previously occupied by a nursing home that had been named for Canadian Prime Minister Arthur Meighen. Along with more accommodation, the expansion provided for higher levels of care. However, by the late 1980´s demand by retired officers fell off and the Residence had vacancies for the first time. So, in June 1989 the Retired Officers´ Residence became the Meighen Retirement Residence. And in August, the first non-officer residents moved in.

When the Retired Officers´ Residence first opened, support was provided by the Victorian Order of Nurses. In the 1980´s two nurses covered the day and afternoon shifts. Over the years, a multi-disciplinary care approach has been developed. Residents of the Meighen Retirement Residence now have access to a chiropodist, a physiotherapist and many other health care specialists. Individuals also have housekeeping, laundry and hairdressing services available to them.

Since The Salvation Army´s first priority is as a Christian mission, spiritual care is a high priority at our facility. Church services are provided on the premises as well as Bible study, pastoral care and fellowship opportunities.

There have been many changes to the original Retired Officers´ Residence since it opened more than 40 years ago. But its continuing mission to provide high quality care to seniors, motivated by the desire to reach out with God´s love, will remain constant.


We are proud of the Meighen and our ability to provide a secure, comfirtable and caring environment for retirement living. Please call or email us for more information or to arrange a tour. Please see our Contact page for our full contact and location information.